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Infinity Stainless Steel Soap

A Memorable Gift For Any Occasion

A kitchen must-have, Infinity Stainless Steel Soap removes foul cooking odors (like fish, garlic and onion) from your hands. Just use it under running water like a regular bar of soap. It's a perfect, stress-free gift for everyone, including clients, employees, teachers, family and friends. When kept by the sink, this high-quality gift will constantly remind recipients of you!

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What makes Stainless Steel Soap the Perfect Gift?

  • 9 out of 10 homes do not have one
  • Each soap can be printed on the back with your full-color logo
  • Each soap comes in a gift box that includes an attractive display stand, so your message is always visible
  • When gifted to clients, they're a forever business card
  • They're made from heavy-weight steel, so they'll last for decades
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How It Works:

Odors from fish, garlic and onions contain sulfur molecules, which are transferred to your skin when cooking. Stainless steel binds these molecules, shifting them from your skin to the bar.

Here's how our customers are gifting their soaps:

  • Unique referral gifts
  • Client appreciation gift with onions and a homemade recipe
  • Thank-you gifts from a real estate broker to his agents
  • Housewarming gifts
  • Appreciation gifts for teachers
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