Gift-Giving 101 Why Giving Gifts in Business Matters

Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially your clients. Whatever the occasion might be — a closing, a referral or a simple thank you — gift-giving is much more than an opportunity to put a smile on your client's face (although that's certainly part of the plan).

Show your gratitude

Your clients saw something in you that set you apart from the rest. Show them how thankful you are for their business and their time with a meaningful gift.

Enhance the experience

A gift brings your time together to a nice, neat close — all while solidifying your business relationship and creating a client who sings your praises.

Encourage Reciprocity

Most people respond to a positive action (gift-giving) with their own positive action (referral or review). You can't afford not to take advantage of this.

When choosing a gift for clients, ask yourself these 6 questions:

Is it unique?

When clients are given a gift not many others have, they're more likely to show it off to friends and family. And when people talk about your gift, they tend to talk about you, too.

Is it useful?

A gift that makes the recipient's life a little easier is always more appreciated than something superfluous.

Is it high-quality?

Investing in high-quality, useful gifts costs you nothing in the long run and will return value many times over in referrals and repeat business. When you give a cheap gift, the opposite occurs; you've wasted your time and money and the marketing value is negligible. In the long run, cheap gifts actually cost you more.

Does the presentation scream something special is inside?

Think of the way your gift looks as a first impression — it's everything. Not only does a top-notch presentation create excitement, but it serves as a reflection of your brand. Don't inadvertently cheapen your gift — and your name — by ignoring the value of the presentation.

Does it come with a warranty or guarantee?

It's important to choose a gift from a company that stands behind their products. Be sure to include any information about the company with your gift, so future issues can be dealt with easily and promptly.

Are there long-term marketing benefits for me?

When your business information is marked permanently on a gift, it's impossible for your client to forget your name. Plus, a gift that features your information is, in most cases, tax-deductible.

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