Lansky 4-Rod Turn Box Ceramic Knife Sharpener

LifeLong Gifts recommends this sharpener for maintaining and restoring the knife edge on all of our non-serrated cutlery. While the sharpener included with most of our knives is sufficient for basic maintenance, you may want to use a higher-grade sharpener to get professional results from your sharpening session. We find this sharpener very effective, but also easy to use.

The Turn Box family is a very stable and compact knife-sharpening system. It works well in the kitchen, and it quickly breaks down for storage in a drawer. It only takes a few swipes to maintain an edge. The 4-Rod Knife Sharpening System features a hardwood turn box with rod storage in the base and four 5" long alumina ceramic rods: 2 medium grit and 2 fine grit.

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  • Fast and easy to use
  • Includes hardwood turn box with four 5" long alumina ceramic rods (2 medium grit, plus 2 fine grit)
  • Rods store inside base for convenient carrying
  • Two preset sharpening angles make this the perfect tool for restoring cutlery edge
  • 20-degree fine angle: Recommended for fillet, butcher, paring, and skinning knives
  • 25-degree medium angle: Recommended for hunting, camping, utility, and chef knives